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A fabulous setting for a perfect wedding... that’s the beauty of Oasis! Let your love shine at our beautiful beachfront venues, where seascapes meet the lush flora of tropical gardens, and turquoise pools are wrapped in gorgeous sunny decks. Take your vows on the beach, have your banquet al fresco, toast in the sunshine and dance under the stars.

Seaside Spectacular

Romantic, eclectic, traditional or modern: we do beach weddings any way you like. Have a traditional ceremony or small intimate gathering—the only limit is your imagination, and we’re here to make sure everything’s perfect.

Oceanfront Terrace

When in paradise, use the ocean as your backdrop! At Oasis there are so many perfectly appointed terraces with stunning ocean views—plus ample space for seating, food stations, and well-appointed bars. The perfect place to say I do.

Glorious Gardens

Ginger, bougainvillea, bird-of-paradise—that’s how our beautiful gardens grow. And when you plan a wedding at Oasis your guests get to enjoy a picture-perfect setting, while we set up everything that’s needed for an unforgettable event.

Catholic Chapels

Couples can choose to have a religious wedding at our Catholic chapels located at the sister resorts of The Pyramid at Grand Oasis / Grand Oasis Cancun and The Sian Ka’an at Grand Tulum / Grand Oasis Tulum. Our onsite wedding planners will help with all the details.


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