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Are weddings performed at the Oasis Hotels valid in the United States?
Yes. As long as the couple celebrates a civil wedding, it is valid and official in any other country.

Will the ceremony be performed in Spanish or English?
The ceremony can be performed in Spanish or English depending on the couple's preference.

How long in advance should the couple arrive at our Oasis Hotel in order to set up their wedding?
When the couple has booked a civil wedding they need to be at the resort in Cancun with their witnesses at least four days prior to the ceremony (Monday to Friday). For Vow Renewals or Religious ceremonies, the required time is at least twodays prior to the ceremony.

Do we need passports or birth certificates to get married?
In order to get legally married in Mexico, it is recommended that you present the original birth certificates for a complete marriage certificate. Valid passports along with the tourist card are required. Ask your wedding coordinator for more detailed information about wedding requirements.

Can we send our documents to our Oasis Hotel by mail?
No but you can scan and load them into your wedding planner once confirmed. Originals will need to brought with you to the wedding.

How many copies of my birth certificate do I need?
You will need to bring the Original and an Apostille copy, as well as a Spanish translation.

What is an Apostille?
The Apostille is a document with a seal that certifies the authenticity of another document (birth certificates, divorce decrees, adoption certificates, etc.) to be used in other countries, following the rules and policies from Hague Convention 1961. You can consult The Apostille is necessary to authenticate some documents required by the Local Register in order to get married.

If I have just been divorced can I get married legally to someone else immediately?
Yes, the Mexican government no longer has restrictions on divorced couples.

Can I take my blood test in my country and bring the results when I meet the wedding coordinator?
All blood tests and medical certificates must originate in Cancún, at the hotel where the ceremony will be performed. This is because the test results need to be in Spanish, and they're only valid for 15 days.

What locations can I choose from to celebrate my wedding?
Locations will vary according to the Oasis Resort you choose, but weddings can be held on the beach, on a terrace or in a garden.

If there are some guests who are not staying at the Hotel, will they be able to attend to the ceremony or reception?
It is necessary to buy a day pass to have access to the hotel, enjoy all the facilities and participate in the wedding. If you have a private function it will be necessary pay an additional supplement for it.

Can I add to the packages defined by the hotel?
We offer an a la carte menu that can be used to create your own wedding or as an enhancement to the predesigned wedding packages.

How far in advance should the planning begin?
It is recommended that you choose the resort and complete the request form as early as possible to be able to secure the specific date. The resort will provide menus and packages for your consideration and can begin setting things in place a couple of months prior to the wedding. Final decisions and selections will be made during the planning meeting upon arrival at the resort – four days prior to the wedding.

How many witnesses do I need?
Four witnesses are required for a legal ceremony. They must arrive with the Bride & Groom. If not available, the hotel can provide witnesses for a nominal fee.

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